“My son has improved so much since being tutored by Kaitlyn. In such a short space of time he has gone from being incredibly emotional, fearful and resistant- when faced with reading or writing. To now getting out his work by himself, sitting at the table and being enthusiastic to complete it. His writing has improved so much – I can’t actually quite believe it, and his reading is so much better – we no longer have tears of frustration and fear!!! The lessons are fun and rewarding and the homework is short but extremely effective. I cannot recommend Kaitlyn enough, my son looks forward to his lessons and is happy and proud of his progress. She has changed my sons academic life!! Thank you Kaitlyn!!!”

“My daughter has been experiencing challenges with reading and writing; what appeared to be dyslexic and decoding issues. My daughter’s confidence was poor and she would often shrink when asked to or complete school work. I had been searching for someone to work one on one with my daughter, not only to assist with her reading comprehension and symptoms of dyslexia, yet to assist in building her confidence too. Kaitlyn has been supporting and teaching my daughter for 2 months and we have seen such an improvement. My daughter has begun to correct previous bad habits with the new set of skills Kaitlyn has taught Charlize. Charlize’s reading has improved and she is beginning to enjoy it and take an interest in reading. Kaitlyn uses strategies and techniques that create a fun, educational environment for my daughter. My daughter “says she is awesome” and we think so too!’

Karen, Chris and Charlize Galliher.

” You are the bells of the building, you are the ice cream to the pie. I recommend Kaitlyn. I wish she was my teacher. I learn so much and I have so much fun.”

T.A.T (a current amazing student)

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