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“This was hands down the best program I’ve come across as a homeschool mom. I was finding it difficult with my 9 year old to teach him spelling, I spent a fortune buying curriculum and different workbooks only for him to be frustrated and learn nothing. I decided to try literacy unlocked and I’m so glad I did. My 9 year old, who has no learning disabilities, LOVES the class. He is with Miss Anna and looks forward to his classes. I love the way they teach that makes everything really sink in. When I pick my son up and ask him what he’s learned he always explains something to me in full detail. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that’s kiddo needs a little extra help with language arts! Here’s a picture of my mother’s day card this year with no spelling mistakes and he did it all on his own!!!! I’m so proud of him and happy I invested in the program. I have since registered both my girls for some classes with Literacy Unlocked!

Thank you Kaitlyn and Anna!”

Melissa Holbrook